If you came looking for Saturday night,

I hope you find Sunday morning.

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Life's Road in a Song

May God Bless You!

The Music

One Sunday morning, at Bible study, Dave said to a friend, "I was picking with your daughter"; a couple of musicians thought he was talking about guitar. They invited him to a jam session, and, after learning that he couldn’t play or sing, they offered him lessons. At first he turned them down, but they were very persistent. About a week later he accepted the offer; free lessons from a retired teacher, with a masters in music? What a deal!

The Songwriting

Several months later, returning home from a family vacation, both Dave and his wife were sick. While sitting at the side of his bed, a melody played in his head, and lyrics quickly followed. Having never written any music in his life nor ever intending to, he got a pen out of his night stand and the song Praise Jesus was composed. Since then nineteen songs have been put on paper; some for fun, some for praise and worship of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The fun stuff has been categorized as Saturday Night Songs and the Praise and Worship are called Sunday Morning Songs.

The Passion

Seeing the impact of his songs on others, from assisted living centers, to festivals, Dave knew he found his calling. Every song we post may not tickle your fancy, still we would love to hear back from you and delighted for you to play any of the pieces; to acquire copy-write information for songs you wish to record, or publish, please use the contact page. We would love to hear from you, any comments you may have would be great; feel free to say hi.

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